Single Subject Diploma in Business Management & Administration

Main Topics of Study:

The Organisational Background to Business Administration

The Management Framework to Business Administration

  • What are business administration and management?
  • The board of directors
  • Functions within an organisation
  • The ‘systems’ approach to organisation
  • Planning-control feedback cycles

Characteristic Features of Organisations

  • The structure of organisations and the need for authority
  • The features of bureaucratic and non-bureaucratic organisations
  • Traditional principles and types of organisation
  • More about systems and subsystems

The Structure of Business Enterprises

  • The pattern of organisations
  • Business types including; sole-trader enterprises, partnerships, limited partnerships, the limited liability company, non-profit-making units (clubs and societies), public enterprises
  • Public sector organisations; autonomous public corporations, nationalised industries, local government institutions, central government departments

Functions within Organisations

  • The Production Function
  • The production process and types of production
  • Site selection and factory planning
  • Plant and equipment
  • Materials and materials handling
  • Production administration
  • Costing aspects of production
  • Work study
  • Maintenance and production
  • CAD, CAM and CIM

The Purchasing Function

  • The nature of purchasing and the role of the purchasing officer
  • Purchasing department procedures, inventory control, stores control and economic order quantity

The Research and Development Function

  • The functions of the research and development department
  • Basic research
  • Problem-based research
  • Ideas generation
  • Applied research and development
  • Patents, trade marks and service marks
  • Research and development in the business organisation

The Marketing Function

  • Introduction to marketing and the marketing philosophy
  • Market analysis and research
  • Promotion, publicity and public relations
  • Pricing policy
  • Credit control
  • Sales administration
  • Transport and distribution (logistics)
  • Export marketing

Personnel Department

  • The need for staff
  • The functions of the personnel department and a personnel policy
  • Employee records
  • Promotion, transfer, termination and dismissal
  • Industrial relations practice
  • The remuneration of staff

The Administrative Officer’s Role

Office Administration

  • The role of the administrative officer
  • Facilities management – the ‘new-look’ office administrator
  • The office and its functions
  • The clerical function, business correspondence, mail inwards, mail outwards, systems for producing business correspondence
  • Meetings, conferences, functions and delegation

Other Responsibilities of the Administrative Officer

  • The organisation and methods department
  • Security aspects of business
  • Risk management
  • The environment of organisations
  • What is a claimant?
  • Assessing the impact of claimants

Single Subject Diploma in Financial Management

The Construction of Financial Statements

  • Company accounts
  • Cash-flow statements

Using Accounting Information

  • Accounting ratios
  • Accounting standards

Management Accounting

  • Marginal costing
  • Budgeting
  • Capital investment appraisal

Sources of Business Finance

  • Long-term sources of finance
  • Short-term sources of finance

Mergers and Takeovers

  • Reasons for growth via horizontal, vertical, or conglomerate integration
  • Financing of growth
  • The construction of basic group accounts

Capital Markets

  • The function of stock exchanges
  • Share and bond issues
  • Rights and bonus issues

Single Subject Diploma in Human Resources Management

People, Organisations and Behaviour

  • Organisational behaviour
  • Work, organisation and job design
  • Organisation development
  • Motivation, commitment
  • Employee engagement

Resourcing and Workforce Planning

  • Strategic resourcing
  • Workforce planning
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Resourcing practice
  • Talent management

Learning and Development

  • Strategic learning and development
  • Process of learning and development
  • Practice of learning and development
  • Leadership and management
  • Development

Performance Management

  • Aims of performance management
  • Strategy and systems
  • Practice of reward management
  • Rewarding specific groups

Employee Relations

  • Strategic employee relations
  • Employment relationship
  • Psychological contract
  • Practice of industrial relations
  • Employee voice and communications

Human Resources Skills

  • Strategic human resources skillsincluding leadership skills, facilitating change, handling conflict and people
  • Industrial democracy
  • Strikes: cause, effect and avoidance

Single Subject Diploma in Marketing Management

Marketing Management

  • The critical role of marketing in organisations and society
  • Laying the groundwork through strategic planning
  • Managing the marketing process and marketing planning

Analysing Marketing Opportunities

  • Marketing information systems and marketing research
  • Analysing the marketing environment
  • Analysing consumer markets and buyer behaviour
  • Analysing business markets and organisational buying behaviour
  • Analysing competitors

Researching and Selecting Target Markets

  • Measuring and forecasting market demand
  • Identifying market segmentation and selecting target markets

Designing Marketing Strategies

  • Marketing strategies for differentiating and positioning the marketing offer
  • Developing, testing and launching new products and services
  • Managing products through their product life cycle
  • Deciding on international market entry
  • Methods of entry
  • International marketing programmes

Planning Marketing Programmes

  • Managing product lines, brands and packaging
  • Managing service business and ancillary services
  • Designing pricing strategies and programmes
  • Selecting and managing marketing channels
  • Managing retailing and wholesaling
  • Designing communication and promotion-mix strategies
  • Designing effective advertising programmes
  • Designing direct marketing, sales-promotion and public relations programmes
  • Managing the sales force
  • Managing direct marketing operations
  • Implementing marketing programmes
  • Controlling marketing activities

Single Subject Diploma in Project Management