Friday, December 17, 2004 There are about 5000 teachers of Economic and Social Sciences throughout France. I’m part of. Yet SES teachers know how much noise as if they were 4 times … It was a perfect illustration with Le Monde and the platform in the same newspaper that alert on the situation against SES and ES series Fillon in the project. Another characteristic of teachers of SES: they highly developed critical thinking. I will use this critical deploring -even though I welcome this move mediatique- we do not talk in the article about the disappearance of duplication in high school (and therefore TD SES) that are in my meaning just as important to the identity of ITS largely based on active methods. Also note in the press release, a forum, I forgot yesterday, signed by the "boss" of the CFDT and the leaders of both teacher federations (public and private) of this confederation. This will take a more random rhythm during the holidays. A little rest is needed. Happy reading and happy holidays … —————————————— —- Release of 17/12/04 A school of course chosen by Francois NAU CHEREQUE and Xavier and Jean-Luc Villeneuve, Francois Chereque secretary general of the CFDT general secretary Xavier Nau VET and Jean-Luc Villeneuve secretary General Sgen.Est it possible that the great debate on the school came out a bill lacking scale much? […] The expectations were high, they are now even more. How then to understand the modesty of the project presented today to the Board of Education? The minister can exalt his "new ambition for the school," the disappointment is great. His text shortness of breath. He ignores the voice of citizens, which is not the best way to reconcile with public affairs. He ignores the experience of teachers, risking their make the task a little more difficult. He blithely mixing conservative measures and innovative vocabulary which neither the meaning nor the stakes are truly assumed. The school deserves better. At a time when MPs debate the future law of social cohesion, we must remember its fundamental role in the construction of a more egalitarian society. The notion of common ground, in particular, can not be reduced to a gadget among others. […] The common base is not that a beautiful Republican image. It is designed to equip men and women of tomorrow, to enable them to embark on life _ but also, what is more important, to raise. This is why we must be very attentive to its content, which can not be reduced to a catalog of disciplines. What is to acquire students is critically, a capacity to learn, to access throughout life to new skills, to be an actor citizen of the XXI century society. The individualisation of course is a necessity here. Without even mentioning the return of repetition, including the recent OECD survey reminds the total inefficiency, the school can not afford to impose standardized progressions. It was still tolerable when factories were hiring all those she had not wanted to, but those days are over: school failure forgives more. The school today not only does not form all citizens for future storms of their professional lives, but in addition it promotes early shipwrecks. If inequality increases if the social elevator is broken, it is also our school system continues to produce too much failure. […] This cultural revolution can be done with and relevant professionals, and the primary teachers. The transformations of their profession require a redefinition of the services: the bill says nothing. The spirit of the law Fillon speaks less to teach than to watch. It is making very few cases of a profession increasingly complex, men and women whose ideas and experiences are too little recognized. What about for example the programmed disappearance of supervised personal work, innovation and well done with all professionals now say the greater good? Learning to live together is to learn to do together. This applies to students, but also for politicians. The public education service merit: there goes the future of youth, of course, but also of tomorrow’s society, economy. Minister, you have a historic opportunity to contribute to this issue. Do not let go! Read more of the article Mobilization around a whole school student Angolan mobilizes to keep Maziamo, an Angolan 10 years in France since 2002 with his brother Antonio Read more of the article —— ————————————— Le Figaro 17/12/04 Nothing seen. .. ——————————————- Humanity of 17 / 12/04 Camper in front of them to obey their offspring for over a week, Harlan and Cat Barnard, who live in a quiet suburb of Deltona (Florida), camping outside their homes to make clear to their children that they n ‘not intended to be their servants. The quarantine both these parents of teens have engaged in an indefinite strike for their offspring understand that they must attend domestic chores […] Read more of the article The man of the day .Alain The Connes brain drain remains valid. Alain Connes, mathematician who yesterday received the 2004 CNRS Gold Medal, continuous overflow of ideas and symbolizes the new direction of mathematics with his "non-commutative geometry" that reconciles the two worlds of physics: general relativity and Quantum mechanics. Born in Draguignan on 1 April 1947, he was already resolved in sixth grade geometry problems that his teacher used to teach preparatory classes, subjects to have fun in class. Read more of the article Metz-nancy "A new bleeding" In Lorraine, in the academy, 495 posts should be deleted in the secondary, and 109 others in the first degree. In total, 604 posts would disappear in this region. "This is a disaster. After 550 2004 positions is another bleeding for Lorraine "said FSU. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- ——— Le Parisien 17/12/04 Parents and teachers against the Fillon law BOARD higher education, which met yesterday for eight hours at the ministry, was largely ruled against Bill on school. Only the MEDEF and the CFTC approved the text to be submitted January 12 the Council of Ministers. The main teachers’ unions (FSU, UNSA …) and the first association of parents, the FCPE, voting against. Read more of the article Measures against the rise of racism BETWEEN 1999 AND 2003 racist acts and threats have been multiplied by two, and eight in the case of anti-Semitic acts, the report presented yesterday by Jean-Philippe Monk – founder of an Observatory of extremism – Jean-Louis Borloo, Minister of social Cohesion. He said that if the "anti-Semitism prevails," the anti-Maghrebi racism is statistically "underestimated." […] [It] provides that to be organized at school, each school year, a day dedicated to the fight against intolerance. The report recommends developing from the preparatory courses, the teaching of "religious fact" and secularism. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– the Cross of Nothing seen … 17/12/04 ——————————– —————- 20 minutes from 17/12/04 Nothing seen … ——————— —————————- Le Monde 18/12/04 the economics professors denounce the effects of the reform of Francois Fillon teaching Economics and social sciences is threatened by the proposed Fillon basic law is the message that wants to hear the community of secondary teachers specialized in this discipline, taking various initiatives – petition, national gathering or strike – backed by the Association of economic and social science teachers (Apses) and several renowned economists and sociologists. The teaching of economics and social science is homework help
threatened by the proposed Fillon basic law is the message that wants to hear the community of secondary teachers specialized in this discipline, taking various initiatives – petition, national gathering, or strike – backed by the Association of economic and social science teachers (Apses) and several renowned economists and sociologists. The fear is rooted in the reform of the second class considered by the Minister of Education. The Apses argues that the reform will remove de facto second class as said determination, since it will allow students to choose not only one teaching specialization, instead of the two currently required options. Now, to access first-General, a second foreign language is essential. For the association, the government project will relegate economic and social sciences to the rank of optional. If the reform is implemented, the proportion of students making the second general economy (42% today, nearly 240,000 students) would be doomed to fall. […] Read more of the article Veut- ? we kill the economic and social sciences, by professors Among the priorities supposed to justify the proposed school reform law, some have long been supported by a broad consensus: democratization, the fight against academic failure, training of citizens, openness to the world and in particular in Europe. Without being the only high school, but more than others, education contributes to the achievement of these objectives. These are the Economic and Social Sciences (SES), the order that creates, in 1966, defined as: "the originality of such teaching is to lead to the knowledge and intelligence of economies and of today’s societies and integrate this acquisition to general education students, their culture. Yet, in flagrant contradiction with the intentions, the application of the Fillon reform deal a fatal blow to the SES and, . Consequently, the ES chain Indeed, the project includes the eviction of SES of the second class, orientation landing: even as they claim to help students make career choices reasoned on what basis would they choose the SES and ES die, become invisible by default or by lottery This contradiction is left with the elimination of duplication, so the work sessions directed?? again, when is claimed fight against school failure, remove teachers SES means of active teaching and differentiated they were pioneers. […] This is why we call for support SES teachers who are mobilizing to obtain: the presence of ITS in the core of the second class; maintaining duplication essential to the implementation of an active and Adaptive; preserving all that has contributed to the success of the ES chain .. Read more of the article ————————— —————– Posted by Watrelot to Friday, December 17, 2004

Friday, December 17, 2004 There are about 5000 teachers of Economic and Social Sciences throughout France.

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